2 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

By on August 6, 2014
corporate team building activities

Hello Everyone!

I decided to create a post about really fun corporate team building activities. I did some research and found some free ideas at the end of this page.

If you are looking for corporate team building activities, then you are probably looking for team building activities that cater to business or a business entity like a partnership firm, law firm or any business organization that has more of a professional feel. It’s probably not a good idea to do the harlem shake ( but if you are interested I created a post that gives you some ideas called harlem shake icebreaker.)

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Fun and Active Corporate Team Building Activities : Fearless Factor

Purpose: Teamwork

Group Size: 6+ (at least 2 teams)

Level: Advanced

What do you need? This depends on the challenges that are set by the teams. Try to limit the materials to items that are nearby. You do need pen and paper for each team.

How much time does it take? 30+Minutes

Description: Each team must come up with six challenges that they can accomplish and win. The team coming up with the challenge must be able to do the challenge before they can add it to the list for another group to accomplish. Here are some categories of possible challenges: • Physical challenges. These are challenges that the group can do as a group, such as each member

jumping rope ten times without tripping or stopping. • Nonphysical challenges according to who is in your group. An example is that everyone can sing the happy birthday song in Spanish. • Gross challenges (like the game show Fear Factor). Do not make the activities too gross or people will get sick. This one will take some pre planning. You can do things such as eating ice cream

with mustard and ketchup. The groups hand in their lists. The leader calls out a challenge and the team that created it must be able to demonstrate it. The challenges cannot be something that no other team can do. The other teams have the chance to do the challenge. If they can successfully do it, they get a point. The leader goes through all of the challenges. The team with the most points wins. Discuss with the team how they

came up with the challenges. How did the group cooperate to accomplish the challenge? Did the group members rely on the other people in their group to meet the challenge? Did they feel confident in their other team members for various challenges? Did some people have special talents that others did not?

Corporate Team Building Activities: Tip Me Over 

Purpose: Trust and support

Group Size: 6+ (at least two groups)

Level: Advanced

What do you need? No extra materials are required

How much time does it take? 10+ minutes

Description: Break the team into two groups. The groups should form two parallel lines that are facing one another. They need to be close enough to touch their hands with the group in front of them. Have everyone hold up his or her right hand. Have each member touch hands, palm against palm, with the person standing in front of him. Do not lock fingers. Now have the team

members hold up their left hands. Have them touch palms with the person on the left of the person in front of them. There will be people on the end of the rows that will only be using one hand. Now have everyone take a step back. They should be leaning forward to be supported by the people in front of them. If you want to challenge them further, have them step back again. Their legs should be straight, no bent knees are allowed. Have them step forward again before releasing hands or people might fall forward. Discuss with the group how it felt to rely on others. Did they trust others to hold them up and support them? How did the people on the ends feel about only using one hand? If you would like, you could switch people around so different people are on the ends.

If you like these ideas don’t forget to check out these books!

Other great ideas 

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