Ice breaker Activities-Circles of Celebration

By on April 30, 2013
Teambuilding Exercise

Ice breaker Activities-Circles of Celebration

Purpose: Communication

Today I was involved in a team building activity rooted around developing an effective advisory. This activity was developed with the intent to teach about the importance of giving students a voice. The activity took about 30 minutes and ended with everyone talking  about how they felt.

It was also created to show the importance of creating;

1. A sacred space for students and peers

2. Unspoken rules and cultural norms

3. How providing freedom can still be objective driven. (Invisible lines (rules) in a classroom )

This activity could lead to allot of discussion, especially if the group is used to sharing. This is a mid- advance level activity and requires that the individuals who are participating in the activity have some level of familiarity with each other.  If you are in a school that is new to the idea of sharing, then this activity might be a shock. It could be an activity that “brakes the ground” and help the community develop stronger partnerships.

Group Size: 3 members in a group – But requires at least 9-30 individuals. 

Level: mid level (based upon group openness)

What do you need for this Fun icebreaker activity? Sentences prepared ahead of time

The questions used were;

1. What’s worthy of celebrating in your life right now? Why?

2. What have you accomplished that you wish someone would celebrate or recognize

 Click here to download this worksheet, don’t worry it’s free  

How much time does it take? 20+ minutes (5 minutes of prep time)

1. Each group is broken into groups of three’s and is given 5 minutes to talk about these two questions.

2. The facilitator is moving around modeling how to effectively support those who are participating.

Directions for this Fun ice breaker activity:

  • Ask everyone to create a group of three
  • Provide everyone a copy of the questions (listed earlier)
  • Ask everyone to honor everyone’s time and let one person finish speaking before the next person speaks.
  • Tell everyone that they have 5-7 minutes (you decide how long, but no more than 7 minutes)
  • Ask everyone to focus on the leader and follow up with the discussion points. 

Fun icebreaker activity discussion points:

  1. How did it make you feel to talk about yourself?
  2. Did it make you uncomfortable?
  3. Allow everyone to speak but use this time as a teachable moment to provide teachers with a bag of tools to deal with the varying personalities in the space. For example, teachers will want to speak even though you gave them a time limit. Use this as a way to explain the importance of implied cultural norms. (Don’t embarrass anyone, keep simple, funny and nice).
 Click here to download this worksheet, don’t worry it’s free  

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